How soon can I expect to hear my results?

Please allow up to 10 business days on lab, radiology and pathology results.

Can I take my medications the morning of my procedure?

If you take blood pressure, heart, seizure or thyroid medication you should take it with a small sip of water the morning of your procedure.   If you’re unsure please call.

How do I manage my diabetic medications during the procedure prep?

Please contact the physician managing your diabetes for guidance with your insulin or diabetic medications during your prep.

Can I proceed with my procedure if I’m on antibiotics?

Yes.  We’re able to continue with the scheduled procedure if you’re on antibiotics.  The exception would be if you have a respiratory infection and are actively having trouble breathing.  If you’re not feeling well we can still proceed as long as you do not have a fever over 101 degrees.  If you’re unsure please call.

Can I proceed with my procedure if I’m on my menstrual cycle?

Yes.  This will not affect the procedure at all.

Will I be sedated during the procedure?

Yes.  We use conscious sedation.  The most widely used type of sedation is Propofol.

How long will the procedure take?

The procedure itself usually is no more than 30-45 minutes; however, expect to be here for 2-3 hours to allow for preparation, post-operative care and dismissal.

What do I need to do to get a copy of my records, or have them transferred to another doctor?

A record release form located on our website needs to be completed and returned to our office.

For prep questions, instructions, and a list of appropriate clear liquids; please refer to the instruction sheets given to yoou from our office.

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