Why can’t I eat popcorn five days before my procedure?

The hulls from popcorn can stay in the colon for days. During your procedure, the hulls can appear to be growths in the colon. Popcorn hulls also clog the scope.

What should I expect during the prep?

Feeling bloated, chilled, and/or nauseated are common after the first few glasses due to the large volume of fluid ingested. This is temporary and will improve once bowel movements begin. Most people have a bowel movement within two hours of starting the prep. Sometimes there can be a delay of up to four hours. Stay close to a bathroom. Wet wipes, soft toilet tissue, a bidet, and Tucks pads may help with irritation after numerous bowel movements. Desitin (or other diaper paste) will help create a barrier and cause less irritation from frequent wiping.

I already have diarrhea before starting my prep. Do I still have to take the whole prep?

Yes. You must follow the preparation instructions given to you. Your colon is approximately 6 feet long and must be completely emptied to help ensure an accurate and thorough exam.

I seem to be all cleaned out, but I haven’t finished my prep. Do I still have to finish it?

Yes. You must follow the preparation instructions given to you. Your colon is approximately 6 feet long and must be completely emptied to help ensure an accurate and thorough exam.

I feel nauseated. What should I do?

You can take a short break from drinking your prep. Try drinking ginger ale or another clear liquid to help settle your stomach. Continue your prep when the feeling has subsided.

I started my prep and I haven’t had a bowel movement yet. What should I do?

Some patients have a bowel movement immediately after starting the prep and for others, it may take two hours or longer. Continue drinking clear liquids and follow your prep instructions.

Can I drink anything other than water?

Yes! It is important that you drink a variety of allowed clear liquids to avoid the possibility of becoming nauseated or dehydrated. Please refer to your instructions for a list of allowed clear liquids.

Why do I have to stop drinking six hours before I come in?

We ask that you stop all liquids six hours prior to your procedure to allow your stomach to empty. If there are liquids in your stomach when given sedation, those liquids could be aspirated into your lungs causing serious complications.

Can I take my medications the morning of my procedure?

Yes, except the certain medications mentioned on your instructions page. Please carefully review the instructions. Generally, you should take prescribed medication as directed on the day of your procedure. If you take blood pressure, heart, seizure, thyroid, or antianxiety medication, you should take it with a small sip of water the morning of your procedure. If you are unsure, please call. 

How do I manage my diabetic medications during the procedure prep?

Please contact the physician managing your diabetes for guidance with your insulin or diabetic medications during your prep.

Can I proceed with my procedure if I’m on antibiotics?

Yes. We’re able to continue with the scheduled procedure if you’re on antibiotics. The exception would be if you have a respiratory infection and are actively having trouble breathing. If you’re not feeling well, we can still proceed as long as you do not have a fever over 100 degrees. If you’re unsure, please call.

If I do not feel well, should I come in?

If you feel ill or have a fever greater than 100.4 degree F, please call to please with a nurse.

Can I proceed with my procedure if I’m on my menstrual cycle?

Yes. This will not affect the procedure at all.

Will I be sedated during the procedure?

Yes. We use conscious sedation. The most widely used type of sedation is Propofol. During deep sedation, you will not be easily awakened. You are expected to sleep throughout the procedure.

How long will the procedure take?

Most procedures usually take 30-45 minutes. However, expect to be here for 2-3 hours to allow for preparation, post-operative care, and dismissal.

Can I brush my teeth the morning of my procedure?

Yes, please do! Just do not swallow any liquid.

When can I eat after my procedure?

Generally, you can eat immediately after your procedure. Avoid greasy or spicy foods for a day or so.

Why can’t I drive myself home after my procedure?

Due to the sedation given during the procedure, you are considered legally impaired. The sedation medication impairs your judgement and reflexes. You will not be permitted to drive until the day following your procedure. A trusted person must be with you to drive you home or accompany you on public transit.

After the procedure, when will I have a normal bowel movement?

Because your intestines were completely cleaned out for your procedure, it may take a couple of days of eating solid foods before you have a normal bowel movement.

How soon can I expect to hear my results?

Please allow up to 10 business days on lab, radiology, and pathology results.

What do I need to do to get a copy of my records, or have them transferred to another doctor?

A record release form located on our website needs to be completed and returned to our office.

For prep questions, instructions, and a list of appropriate clear liquids; please refer to the instruction sheets given to you from our office.

If you have further questions, please call our office at 316-261-3130. 

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